It is essential for every artist to package and present what they do in a compelling manner. The Artist Development Program is designed to help you do just that. Held at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival, the ADP is an elite program for aspiring artists. Over the ten days of the Festival, participants receive coaching and instruction by industry specialists in branding, imaging, hair/makeup, the creation of a live show, performance coaching, songwriting/arranging, audio recording, production, and vocal and instrumental technique. The purpose of the program is to produce artists who can enter the professional realm fully equipped for every situation. All participants will complete the program with a two song demo (one original, one cover), professional photos, and a live multi-camera video of a performance. All artists will participate in the final Gala Show at the CMA Theater in Nashville, TN as well as a live-stream performance from ManAlive Studios.


All applicants for the Artist Development Program must submit one original song and one cover song, a live audition video, and a written essay detailing their vision for their career as an artist. Families or multi-member groups may audition as a unit. Additional participants are $400. Songs that are submitted may or may not be selected for the artist's final demo. All decisions will be made jointly with the producers and directors of the Program. 

Selection & study

The number of artists in the Artist Development Program is limited to 10. An "artist" may include multiple people depending on the group in question. Each additional member of an "artist" group costs an additional $400. 

Students who are accepted into the program will be notified as of June 1 if not before. Mandatory homework will be required prior to an artist's arrival in Nashville (e.g. branding, songwriting, etc...). All participants should have a budget prepared for wardrobe purchases while on site - this amount should be flexible. Technical excellence in a given instrument including voice is important for the life of an artist - please come prepared for private lessons in your chosen instrument(s).

All submissions should be made no later than May 15.

NOTE: Your audition video is critical to your admission to the Artist Development Program. Please give us a full demonstration of your skill and personality.