The Upper Division

The Upper Division (ages 11-21) at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival is dedicated to instrumentalists and vocalists who desire to hone their craft and perform in a high-energy customized show. Each performer is cast in a series of live moments and coached in the techniques of their given field. 

COST: $1399


All students in the Upper Division must be 11-22 years of age, and have at least 1 year of experience in a given Focus (e.g. Violin or Voice).

Focus & Casting

The Upper Division is a performance-centric event. All students participate in a live genre performance: once in a featured moment (ensemble or solo) as well as group moments (choir, orchestra, or big band). These individual moments are customized by our show writers and casting directors to create a spectacular series of shows. 

All students must choose one Primary Focus such as Violin or Voice. If they desire, students may also choose a Secondary Focus.  Their Secondary Focus must be compatible with their Primary Focus (e.g. Violin and Voice are compatible, but not Violin and Musical Theater.) A student's focus should be reflected in their audition video. After the audition video is received, the student is cast in a role appropriate to their age, skill level, and the logistics of the live performances. 

All Focuses are taught in the context of preparation for the live shows. Classes are organized according to casting and relevant disciplines. For more information on a Focus, select a category below.

NOTE: Your audition video is critical to your casting. Each show is tailor-made for attending students. Due to the extensive planning this requires, the longer you delay submitting your audition video, the harder it becomes to cast you effectively. So if you want to be considered for a premier slot, audition! 


Electives focus on a variety of subjects including "Songwriting" and "Composition". Learn more about each area of study by clicking the buttons below.

Please note: not all areas of study are schedule-compatible. For example: students may not perform on more than 1 instrument in the orchestra. Call our office at 888.839.1055 with any questions.



In order for us to maximize each student’s experience at the Summer Festival, it is vital that we get to know them! Below is the process we require for all students.

1. Step 1: Register for the Festival. Click the "apply now" button at the top of the screen to request a complete application. Once your deposit has been received you are registered! Next step - casting video!

2. Step 2: Submit Your Casting Video (Please submit no later than May 15) If you register after May 15 please send the video as soon as possible.

Every student who registers must prepare a short (2-4 min.) video of themselves performing in their Focus (e.g. Guitar, Voice, or Drama, Voice, etc...)

Audition Tips: 1) Accompaniment is preferred and recommended. If you perform a cappella it is important that you demonstrate a sense of rhythm and intonation. The auditions should showcase range, style, and performance skill.  2) Choose a location that is well-lit. 3) Please stand for your performance and, if possible, film from a full-body camera angle. Avoid sitting or cropped angles that do not showcase your abilities. Show us your understanding of stage deportment through your look and dress. Introduce yourself and your song. We want to know about you, what you enjoy, what you do best. Let us know if you have a skill that is outside the parameters of the instruments included in the Festival, for instance, acrobatics, dulcimer, and/or other unique talents. Because the Festival shows are customized, we can occasionally utilize such skills.

Instrumental Requirements: 1-3 minute performance. Only 1 piece is required. If the student is participating in multiple fields please include video of each.  If the student is interested in performing a vocal solo, please include video meeting the requirements of the vocal solo auditions.

Vocal Requirements: 1 song of your choice representing the style you prefer to sing. Be sure an show us all we need to see of your vocal skill. If you feel multiple selections would be helpful in our assessment of your overall vocal range and skill feel free to include more than one song.

Once your registration and video have been complete we will begin the process of assessing the best place to challenge and showcase your talents in your classes and performances at FASA.