The Vocal Focus in the Upper Division immerses you in a variety of styles and ensembles. Each part is custom-arranged based on your audition and genre preference. Our show creators design an experience just for you. Our voice faculty range from classical specialists to pop performers, and include award-winning songwriters and arrangers.

At the Festival you’ll learn and experience music in a variety of styles, including:

  • Broadway & Jazz

  • Pop

  • Country & Folk

  • Choral

In addition to voice and technique, with our faculty members you’ll also learn:

  • Genre-specific vocal technique

  • Stagecraft and poise

  • Ways of interacting with other performers on stage

  • Choral technique and performance

  • Close harmonies

  • How to engage your audience

Along with other students your age, you’ll have the opportunities to sing on stages like the Country Music Hall of Fame. So join us at the Annie Moses Summer Music Festival and experience the thrill of singing your heart out on some of the best stages in Nashville!


“What can I expect to sing at the Festival?”

The Annie Moses Summer Music Festival features everything from Jazz standards to Pop ballads to Country music to Rock songs. Whether you’re a smoky-alto or a high soprano, a classical tenor or a growling bass, we tailor musical moments that fit your natural ability.

“What is your philosophy on teaching voice?”

Our team of professional pedagogues will instruct you in the nuances of vocal technique as well as commercial performance. We want to unleash your distinctive voice.

“How much practice and singing will I be doing?”

Get ready to sing a lot! Whether it’s choir, ensembles, or solos and duets, you’ll be singing in multiple roles giving you a broad musical experience.

“Why is stagecraft important? Don’t people just want to hear the music?”

Communicating with your audience is more than just hitting the right notes. It’s delivering a message, relating to your fellow performers, and being a relaxed and professional performer. Our coaches work overtime to form you into a consummate artist capable of carrying yourself confidently and commanding the stage.

“Do I have to know how to sing harmonies?”

Singing in harmony is an invaluable tool for any vocalist. If you want to have a good time at the Festival, spend some time before applying learning how to sing harmonies well. You’ll have a wider variety of musical experience, will gain the ability to have even deeper collaborations with fellow students, and have a richer experience.


In order for us to maximize your experience at the Festival, it is vital that we get to know you! Below is the process we require for all students.

1. Step 1: Register! Click the "apply now" button at the top of the screen to request a complete application. Once your deposit has been received you are registered! Next step - casting video!

2. Step 2: Casting Video: Deadline May 15. If you register after May 15 please send the video as soon as possible.

Every student who registers must prepare a short (2-4 min.) video of themselves performing in their particular field of study.

Audition Tips: 1) Accompaniment is preferred and recommended. If you perform a cappella it is important that you demonstrate a sense of rhythm and intonation. The auditions should showcase range, style, and performance skill.  2) Choose a location that is well-lit. 3) Please stand for your performance and, if possible, film from a full-body camera angle. Avoid sitting or cropped angles that do not showcase your abilities. Show us your understanding of stage deportment through your look and dress. Introduce yourself and your song. We want to know about you, what you enjoy, what you do best. Let us know if you have a skill that is outside the parameters of the instruments included in our tracks: Juggling, acrobatics, dulcimer, or other unique instruments. Because our shows are customized, we can occasionally utilize such skills.

Instrumental Requirements: 1-3 minute performance. Only 1 piece is required. If the student is participating in multiple fields please include video of each.  If the student is interested in performing a vocal solo, please include video meeting the requirements of the vocal solo auditions.

Vocal Requirements: 1 song of your choice representing the style you prefer to sing. Be sure an show us all we need to see of your vocal skill. If you feel multiple selections would be helpful in our assessment of your overall vocal range and skill feel free to include more than one song.

Once your registration and video have been complete we will begin the process of assessing the best place to challenge and showcase your talents in your classes and performances at the Festival.